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Live Messages from Egypt

Audio and text messages coming in to Al Jazeera English from correspondents in Egypt.

  • Al Jazeera staff in Cairo report increasing police presence. Plain-clothes armed officers tell our producer they will redeploy tonight.

  • The crowd grows in Tahrir Square as Tuesday morning continues, estimated at 3000-5000 people. Some army presence is still visible.

  • Our producer reports the crowd has swelled to 10,000, including children. Buses are available to take protestors to other areas.

  • Swiftly clearing checkpoints, our staff witnesses citizens taking control of the protests with sincere dedication.

  • A "surreal, euphoric" feeling at Tuesday's protests in Tahrir Square, says 28-year-old Waleed Fateem, a resident of Cairo.

  • Our producers report pro-Mubarak demonstrations marching in Cario, especially in front of the state television building where cameras are trained on them.

  • Pro-Mubarak demonstrations number 50-150 people each. At the demonstration in Aguza, local residents tell our producer supporters were paid to demonstrate.

  • Our producer walks in a crowd of over 500 people after Friday prayers, proceeding to Tahrir Square. Divisions still appearing in Egypt regarding President Mubarak.

  • An otherwise peaceful day is marred by arguments
    between protesters in Tahrir Square and the Egyptian army with regard to traffic barricades.

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