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Live Messages from Egypt

Audio and text messages coming in to Al Jazeera English from correspondents in Egypt.

  • Stay tuned for live audio messages coming in from our correspondents on the ground in Egypt.
  • To protect Al Jazeera's staff on the ground, we're not naming them or identifying their specific locations. Listen to our producer talk about having to relocate the Al Jazeera office here.

  • Al Jazeera's producer in Egypt says reports are circulating that the country's interior minister has been arrested by the army. Hear his report here.

  • At least two military fighter jets fly low over protesters in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. The sound is deafening, and the jets keep circling in an apparent show of might, our producer reports.

  • Al Jazeera's producer reports the curfew is in effect, yet people are still out on the streets.

  • Al Jazeera staff forced to go through multiple checkpoints as they drive through the capital.

  • Al Jazeera reports from Tahrir where crowds are swirling around former IAEA chief Mohamed ElBaradei.

  • Mohamed ElBaradei's has left Tahrir Square after attempting to give a speech to the crowd.

  • Local television reports police redeployments in certain Cairo neighborhoods. Our staff is is on its way to investigate.

  • Our producers report a tense situation on the streets and bursts of gunfire. Heading toward state television, they witness the army arresting a motorist.

  • Al Jazeera crews confirm redeployment of regular police on the streets of southwest central Cario amidst a stricter army presence.

  • Police redeployment appears limited so far, with civilians directing traffic and checkpoints. Curfew has been announced for 3:00 this evening with the army planning to enforce it more strictly tonight.

  • Al Jazeera staff in Cairo report increasing police presence. Plain-clothes armed officers tell our producer they will redeploy tonight.

  • Our audio reports continue as our producer confirms six Al Jazeera journalists have been detained and their equipment confiscated. Thousands are gathered in Tahrir Square, where military vehicles seem to have disappeared.

  • Al Jazeera's web team continues to work in Tahrir Square, interviewing the increasingly energetic crowd. Our producer describes Tuesday's planned million-person march and possible protests on Friday. Internet access is disabled, with the government announcing it will block mobile phone service during Tuesday's events.

  • The crowd grows in Tahrir Square as Tuesday morning continues, estimated at 3000-5000 people. Some army presence is still visible.

  • Our producer reports the crowd has swelled to 10,000, including children. Buses are available to take protestors to other areas.

  • Swiftly clearing checkpoints, our staff witnesses citizens taking control of the protests with sincere dedication.

  • A "surreal, euphoric" feeling at Tuesday's protests in Tahrir Square, says 28-year-old Waleed Fateem, a resident of Cairo.

  • President Hosni Mubarak's announcement that he will remain in power until the next election causes chants of disapproval and refusal across Tahrir Square.

  • Wednesday morning brings increased optimism after anger last night about President Mubarak's speech. The next major protest is planned for Friday.

  • Our producers report pro-Mubarak demonstrations marching in Cario, especially in front of the state television building where cameras are trained on them.

  • Pro-Mubarak demonstrations number 50-150 people each. At the demonstration in Aguza, local residents tell our producer supporters were paid to demonstrate.

  • Reports that Internet access has been turned back on for some people in Egypt.

  • One of our web producers checks back in from Cairo after a period of difficulty in making phone calls. Many international journalists leaving after pro-government media crackdown. Heavy movement of people within Tahrir square, while pro-Mubarak supporters seem to be missing.

  • A very tense scene on a street near Talaat Harb Square as pro- and anti-Mubarak demonstrators stand face to face. No violence at the moment though there was fierce rock-throwing and fighting 30 minutes ago.

  • Tahrir Square is in rapt attention as jubilant
    protesters await to see whether or not President Mubarak will leave power tonight. Most anticipate he will step down.

  • Our producer walks in a crowd of over 500 people after Friday prayers, proceeding to Tahrir Square. Divisions still appearing in Egypt regarding President Mubarak.

  • The crowd around our producer in Cario has grown to between 2000 and 3000 protesters, and is now heading to the presidential palace.

  • After Hosni Mubarak's resignation, the barricades have fallen, checkpoints have disappeared, and the scene across Cairo is electric.

  • An otherwise peaceful day is marred by arguments
    between protesters in Tahrir Square and the Egyptian army with regard to traffic barricades.

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